I am a 26 year old woman and completely incapable of sticking to any diet plan or showing up with my body weight at the gym. I want to lose weight but I can’t help being hungry. I am so addicted to food. In all honesty I have tried so many diets and they all failed me.


I am tired of being the center of all my friends/ families fat jokes. I even laughed at the jokes that was made at me but actually dying inside as when I got home I would lock myself away and stuff my face until I felt better, food was my hidden comfort.

One night while searching the internet I came across the Secret Fat Burner, I read up on it and as it was in my budget I decide to give it a try, as the reviews from others motivated me to give it a shot. Was skeptical to be honest but I was becoming tired of being called ‘fatty’, I had a name but everyone who knew me called me ‘fatty’.


It was the best choice I ever made in my life; this was the first diet supplement which helped me suppress my food cravings and helped me lose the weight I had gained. To be very honest at first I felt horrible as I had experienced headaches and vomiting and even felt so miserable, but that was due to the toxins clearing out of my body from all the junk I have consumed all these years.

I was a new person, I loved the way I was starting to feel about myself. Even the people around me noticed the new me. Not only did I feel good I started looking good too. Thanks to The Secret Fat Burner for giving me a new lease on my life and best part is I am not called ‘fatty’, anymore.



Rosetta – R 25 581 658

The farm size compromises of 509.2 hectares it has 100ha of irrigable lands 50ha irrigation water rights 50ha arable pastures 224ha of grazing 197ha of timber plantations. There is a huge grazing and infrastructure. Main farm house is four bedrooms, 2 lounges, dining room, kitchen. There is a very attractive landscaped garden. There is staff accommodation, sheds and homesteads. Other accommodation consists of a thatched cottage, loft shed and a Bush camp. The Little Mooi River also runs through the lower portion of the farm. This farm for sale in midlands consists of farming and cattle handling facilities, sheep pen, farm work shop, and storage sheds.
Karkloof – R 2 600 000

A true country sanctuary, which is 190 000m2 and is hidden midst the trees down a beautiful and peaceful country path.
This relaxed country sanctuary compromises of a fabulous four-bedroom home, with an open-plan living and superb finishes. There is a breathtakingly beautiful dam on the farm and also a pool, pub, gym, office and storeroom. Newly reconditioned. This property is only 30 kms from Howick.

Natal Midlands Trout Lodge – R 2 750 000

A charming home and trout lodge, which is 300 000m2. Compromising of five bedrooms and four bathrooms, a stunning country kitchen, large dining room with open wood fireplace. Newly re-established. There are three fully stocked trout dams. The property is 30 hectares with many stunning landscapes of hills and farmland. A perfect panorama to live a country life.


Currys Post – R 16 000 000

Private and secure is what you looking for then this spectacular 21ha, home is perfect for you. This well shaped Midlands Estate situated in beautiful Currys Post has spectacular dams and water structures and a panoramic view of the outstanding Midlands country side with the private Boschoek Golf Estate.

The main house has stunning finishes and many distinct
features. The bedrooms are cosy and the spacious living areas are perfect for entertaining.

There are beautifully landscaped gardens with an outstanding water feature. The farm has many indigenous forests where you can take a safe evening stroll. The two self-contained cottages add value as a one bedroom guest accommodation or a two bedroom managers cottage. The security is state-of-the-art for peace of mind.